Janine Gallizia Australian artist  


Janine Gallizia was born in Melbourne, Australia She worked as a designer in Melbourne, Sydney, London and Bruxelles. Since 1998 Janine has been working as a professional artist holding solo exhibitions and participating in professional group shows, conducting workshops and conferences worldwide. Janine is also a widely acclaimed judge for art shows and recently judged the Shanghai Biennial, The American Watercolor annual show and was President of the jury for the World Watercolour Competition in France.

Janine founded the world's top watercolour magazine The Art of Watercolour and the french version; L'Art de l'Aquarelle, five years ago with the Diverti Editions and currently acts as the magazine's Art Director. 

At 42 years of age Janine Gallizia is already a driving force in the watercolour scene worldwide, yet as she says "I haven't scraped the surface yet!"

Janine has exhibited edited four books on watercolour, one children's book and five DVDs on her painting.